Transpersonal Sessions FAQ

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What is transpersonal?

Transpersonal means “beyond the personal.” It’s a complex concept that has many usages. It’s most often found in psychology, spirituality, consciousness studies, and personal development.

I think of transpersonal in a broad way, as an ever-present, multilayered process. Often, I use the phrase “microcosm/macrocosm” to express my sense of the transpersonal. In my experience this aspect of our experience can be found, witnessed, and called upon in every moment of life.

In transpersonal sessions we strive to make this ongoing process conscious and engage it in a hands-on, healing, helpful manner as we quest for wholeness.

Transpersonal is the crux of wholeness; it is a pivotal place where we realize our true nature as beings embedded and deeply interwoven within something intricate, mysterious, and magnificent. Living through our experiences, aspects of the egoic “i” meet and intertwine with the larger “I” aspects of community, earth, and cosmos– it’s a transpersonal thing.

What are transpersonal sessions?

The transpersonal sessions I offer are geared toward your unique psychospiritual process and journey. I follow your lead, companioning you into rich, soulful terrain and offering a few tools along the way to help deepen, distill, and nourish what innately unfolds. Often, my sessions incorporate dreamwork, astrology, meditation, visualization, and divination. I can combine any of these or focus on one, depending upon the client’s needs.

Why do people want a transpersonal session?

People come to Transpersonal Sessions simply because they want inner clarity.

Often, people come for Transpersonal Sessions when they want to consciously make more space in their lives for spiritual practice. These are frequently individuals who feel something has been missing in their lives and/or that the standard religious practices of their cultures of origin did not seem to provide the deeper connection they find themselves longing for– exploration in transpersonal sessions is often catalyzed by a nagging feeling of needing to find something individualized, unique, and yet deeply connecting to something bigger than oneself.

Sometimes, a person may simply be curious. For instance, a strange dream may prompt a client to contact me for a session. Or maybe they have never had their astrological chart read. Or maybe they have tried meditating but had difficulty getting into it on their own. Or perhaps they have recently had a powerful psychospiritual experience and need help integrating.

There are countless reasons one could benefit from a Transpersonal Session.

Are sessions individual or group, and where do they take place?

Sessions can be one-on-one or group– in-person, by phone, or online.

How long does a session last?

A general session lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours.

What do you do in a session?

We begin and end by punctuating the sessions with centering exercises that help delineate that our time together is sacred and distinct from the rest of the day.

The session content is then determined by the specific needs of the client(s).

What are some of the tools you use in sessions?

Frequent components include the following:

  • Guided Meditation & Visualization
  • Dreamwork
  • Synchronicity as Spiritual Practice
  • Divination
  • Exploration of Active Archetypal Energies
  • Development of Personal Symbol System
  • Connection to Land, Animals, & Elements
  • Astrology
  • Co-created rituals
  • Energy work (if in-person)

Can a session focus on one process or tool?

Absolutely! Your sessions can all focus on dreamwork, astrology, or meditation. Or whatever you want! My job is to track your process, reflect it to you, and follow your lead!

Do you offer retreats or workshops?

Yes! I also organize retreats and workshops that incorporate diverse body-mind-spirit modalities such as yoga, Pilates, acupuncture, healing touch, grief work, holotropic breathwork, meditation, and so on. I love collaborating with practitioners from a wide range of backgrounds and trades to provide versatile, exciting new healing and psychospiritual development possibilities.

See my Events page to explore past events, and feel free to contact me if you would like to brainstorm some ways to tailor an event for your family, friends, or community.

Are you available for community action projects?

I developed a transpersonal community action research protocol and am available to help you organize and develop similar projects in your own communities. For more information about the protocol (which is evolving), you can read about it by downloading my dissertation here. Or to read about a past project, Doing Death Differently Decorah, click here.

Additionally, I am available for writing and research consulting. I work primarily with APA style editing, and I enjoy working with students and researchers who are developing innovative projects.

How much does a session cost?

I offer sessions on a sliding scale. Individual sessions cost between $75-$100/session.

Group rates differ depending on the type & specifics of group. Contact me to discuss details.

I also offer free and minimally priced community classes from time to time, so keep an eye out for those here!

How do I make payments?

I accept cash, checks, or payments may be made through PayPal by choosing an option below:

Transpersonal Sessions: 1 session/$75

Individual Session


Transpersonal Sessions: 1 Session/$80


Transpersonal Sessions: 1 Session/$85


Transpersonal Sessions: 1 Session/$90


Transpersonal Sessions: 1 Session/$95


Transpersonal Sessions: 1 Session/$100


Transpersonal Sessions: New Beginnings Promotional Package

Special Promotional Discounted rate: $60/session, package of 5 sessions, scheduled at your convenience. These sessions may be used by the purchaser or gifted to friends and family. A great option to boost and support yourself, a friend, or family member while navigating a time of pivotal change and endings/beginnings!



The transpersonal sessions that I offer do not constitute or serve as a substitute for psychological treatment, therapy, or psychoanalysis. I do not utilize a pathology-based model and therefore do not diagnose or treat mental illness. I am trained in discerning the difference between psychospiritual challenges and psychological crisis that requires intervention, and I am able to make referrals if psychological or psychiatric work is necessary.