Gemini Full Moon: 12.18.21

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

On December 18, 2021 a Full Moon lights up the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity axis.

The feeling is quick, changing, and focused on detail and movement.

Sagittarius Sun remains centered on the big picture.

These energies combined can make for an exciting combo of intellectual air and insight blended with passionate fire and optimism.

The heaviness of the fall energies begins to shift.

Possibility feels a bit less daunting and increasingly effervescent.

Gemini pays attention to all the small categorical details and weaves together a sense of connection and understanding where others might miss it.

Sagittarius senses far-off expanding horizons and wants to formulate larger systems and philosophies.

Joined together, individual sparks light up into complex constellations.

Perception is transformed.

Underlying new structures begin to take imaginal shape.

Contributing to the glitz and glitter are Jupiter and Neptune.

This Gemini Full Moon is square Neptune and trine Jupiter.

Neptune brings in an otherworldly enchantment.

Things come together as though divinely orchestrated.

The trine to Jupiter boosts this Full Moon with excitement, enthusiasm, joviality, and hope.

The energy gets bigger.


We mustn’t forget Venus dancing with Pluto in serious Capricorn.

Their dance isn’t brief.

Due to Venus’ retrograde, this dance will be long, slow, and drawn out.

Already Venus has passed over Pluto.

Soon Venus, ever so slowly, backtracks and revisits Pluto.

And when Venus once again turns direct, the two will meet again.

Thus, Venusian themes are greatly amplified.

Issues pertaining to love, relating, beauty, art, and pleasure are up for review and revision.

Connections with women or those who identify primarily with the feminine principle will be especially intense, noticeable, transformational, and deep.

Women’s rights and women’s issues will probably make big headlines during this phase, which will run into early March 2022.

Pluto brings to the surface aspects of the Venusian that were previously hidden or masked.

Material that has been unconsciously held beneath the surface may force its way out, burning up that which has become stagnant, brittle, outdated, and calcified.

We may experience this as disillusionment in relationships, seeing our friends and loved ones in a new and different light that isn’t initially very comfortable or cozy.

However, Pluto’s intensity and depth might bring us to more realistic, authentic relating.

Bear in mind that Chiron stations direct on December 19 after retrograding since mid-July, so whatever wounding we’ve been tending to during this period may soon shift into gifts of deeper understanding.

Chironic wounds heal into wisdom that can be shared with others.

Mercury is simultaneously squaring Chiron, so the shift might be bumpy with lots of painful messages and communications, but at least there is movement–

if you have felt stuck, things should be changing and insightful shifts are coming soon.

The image I get when meditating on these combined energies is of concretized ways of relating suddenly melted by an influx of underworld material.

Old ways of interacting, loving, and connecting might burn away.

At first, this could feel painful, frightening, overwhelming, or infuriating.

Trust that the melting will allow hardened material to become once again malleable.

Contemplate which forms you’d like to take on,

and let the inner magma flow in those directions.

I see this Venus retrograde with Pluto conjunction as an evolutionary relational opportunity.

Cracking through the hardened and brittle surface might be disorienting, but the softening allows for fresh new blossoms to be birthed within our relational spheres.

Trust the unfolding.

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin

This week also brings winter solstice for the northern hemisphere.

The Gemini Full Moon lands on one of the darkest days of the year.

Yet, somehow the dip into the deepest dark brings forth a heightened awareness of the light.

The epic dance of light and dark continues.

We participate by lighting holiday lights, candles, warm indoor fires, and festive celebrations.

Inner light is amplified and evidenced through shows of generosity and gratitude.

From here on out the days grow in length until we reach the polarity point of summer solstice.

The dark half of the year is not a negative or bad thing, but it comes with a much different quality than the light half.

In the dark we turn deeper within.

We insulate.

We shelter from the cold.

We retreat.

We sleep more.

Dreams are often more vivid.

There is an instinctual turn to slow down and cultivate the beginnings of what will take root and grow with the growing sunlight, but this is often an unconscious process.

When we honor this natural rhythm outside of ourselves, it becomes more apparent how we are undeniably part of it.

It happens internally as powerfully as it happens externally.

It’s like breathing in and out.

Something about this realization makes me feel firmly planted and cozy in this earth home.

Trustworthy and cyclical, it can be counted on.

Consciously align with the rhythms, and life begins to have more flow and ease.

It doesn’t have to be anything complicated.

Just a moment of pause to reflect.

Maybe light a candle.

Or a moment of acknowledgment when you see sparkling holiday lights,

the spirit of hope and excitement,

the light of love in your family and friends’ eyes,

the sparkle of light on snow,

or the glow of starlight against the night sky,

and remind yourself, “I, too, am that.”

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

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