Sagittarius New Moon/Solar Eclipse 12.3.21

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

December 3, 2021 Sun and Moon conjoin in a Sagittarius New Moon at 11: 43 PM Pacific.

This New Moon also brings a full solar eclipse at 11:33 PM Pacific–

fully visible from Antarctica,

with partial phase visibility in parts of Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and South Africa.

But you don’t have to be within the visibility range to feel the effects.

Solar eclipses indicate punctuated endings with an emphasis on new beginnings.

Track the cycle through its ~9/10-year midpoint (when eclipses hit the same polarity axis but land in the opposite side– solar eclipse at 11 Gemini, rather than Sagittarius on 6.1.11) and the ~18/19-year full circle point (solar eclipse at 12 Sagittarius on 12.4.02).

It’s more about that phase of 1-1.5 year, rather than a specific date.

Eclipses tend to unfold within 6 months of the actual eclipse.

Whatever houses the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius land on for your natal chart will reflect more about the specific themes that are currently activated.

They were the same houses/themes from ~9 and ~18 years ago.

The themes will have a sense of ending and beginning.

You may find yourself returning to something that you let go of,

or vice versa,

completing and letting go of something started at those times.

Regardless, I like to spend time tuning into specific cosmic events, and this one is carrying an upbeat, far-reaching, expansive vibe.

Very Sagittarian.

Jupiter-ruled Sag is optimistic.

Generous. Bright and warm. Hopeful.

I find both ends of the Sagittarius/Gemini polarity axis effervescent, but for opposing reasons.

Gemini is a master of connecting the small dots and sees interconnections where others may miss the fine details that match up.

Sagittarius is concerned more with big-picture connection and meaning.

This is why Sag is associated with philosophy and religion;

it seeks a greater understanding of the whole rather than an emphasis on the parts.

Yet, as all the polarities make evident, both sides of the coin are necessary and equally true despite the opposition.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse is conjunct Mercury,

which rules Gemini, Sagittarius’ polarity point.

This adds additional boost to the effervescent, busy, bubbly vibe of this lunar/solar event.

It’s a great time to get chatty.

Conversations can take on an excited, philosophical, exploratory tone.

Mars is square Jupiter, which rules Sagittarius, so there could be an immense amount of initiative and energy for action.

This contributes to the fun & exciting energy of this New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Just bear in mind that sometimes Mars/Jupiter can take things too far.

You could take advantage of the energies at play by channeling it into artwork or play.

Social gatherings with mental outlets like trivia could be especially enjoyable at this time.

Another interesting layer adding complexity to social dynamics is the conjunction of Venus and Pluto in Capricorn.

This will be a relatively long transit for Venus, as it will enter its retrograde period, prolonging contact with Pluto.

When I meditate on Venus/Pluto, I get the image of underground mycelium connections.

The deep, often unseen/unacknowledged, connections that we each have to untold others.

What we see on the surface doesn’t capture the complexity of what lies beneath.

Over the next month and a half, see if you notice these underground connection filaments make themselves visible and known.

At first, it might come forth as shadow material.

You might realize you or others are impacting those around you in detrimental ways that you hadn’t been aware of previously.

Working with this material internally may help you learn to relate more authentically and with more sensitivity.

You may come to see the subtle, nearly invisible, yet highly significant ways we support or counteract one another.

In an ideal world, this interconnection is symbiotic and mutually supportive.

Venus and Pluto may help uncover ways to deepen into symbiosis.

Keep in mind that we are approaching the final exact round of the year’s most notable transit, Saturn square Uranus.

I wrote Part I and Part II exploring Saturn square Uranus, and there will be a forthcoming Part III around late December.

While these planets won’t make more exact aspects for awhile, we’ll still experience the integration phase of these energies well into 2022.

But for now, enjoy the Sagittarian New Moon Solar Eclipse energy!

Let it inspire your mind and ignite your dreams.

Celebrate the good in life.

Set your aim on far-away, lofty ambitions and ask:

If that’s where I’m heading, what steps do I take to embark on that trajectory?

Take note of the inspiring ideas that come in response.

And also, since many will be sleeping as the solar eclipse perfects, pay extra attention to your dreams tonight!

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

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