Taurus Full Moon: 11.19.21

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

The Taurus Full Moon lights up the Taurus/Scorpio polarity axis with Sun at 27 degrees Scorpio and Moon at 27 degrees Taurus.

The partial lunar eclipse reaches its height at 1:02 AM Pacific and should be visible from the Americas, the Pacific Islands, Australia, Eastern Asia, & Northern Europe.

It could be a particularly interesting night to catch dreams.

Scorpio Sun revels in the depths and mysteries.

Full Moon stimulates intuition, vision, feeling, and access to dreams.

Try incubating a dream by taking a moment to quiet your mind before falling asleep. Breathe deeply and slowly and visualize something in your life– a relationship, event, desire, or possibility. Then ask your Higher Self to reveal information through your dreams that will help you. Make sure to have a notebook or phone (for voice record or email) nearby to catch the dream as soon as you awaken– don’t wait or it might slip back beneath the surface.

Dreaming or meditating during this eclipse could reveal deeper meaning and heretofore inaccessible layers of understanding into the mysteries of birth, death, and regeneration.

If these topics tend to frighten or intimidate you, this lunar event could provide an opportunity to delve deeper while also benefiting from the Taurus comfort vibe.

Taurus Moon is sensual, earthy, and deeply comforting.

Moon is exalted in Taurus, which helps to draw out the positive qualities of this full moon/lunar eclipse.

Emotional connection and sensual delights will bring heightened pleasure with this moon.

It could be as simple as comfort food or a particularly nourishing meal.

It could be an herbal bath by candlelight.

Self-care and deep nourishment are highlighted.

Scorpio Sun brings forth illumination within the dark.

Wrap yourself in soft, cozy blankets.

Light a fire and grab your favorite esoteric book.

Do some restorative yoga.

Drink warm herbal tea.

Fall scents of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, and vanilla could warm your spirits.

Think cinnamon apples, pumpkin pie, and warm cider.

Along with the intensity of Taurus/Scorpio polarity activation, Neptune is making trines to Sun, Mercury, and Mars. This contributes to the dreamy vibe and makes it easier to traverse expanded states of consciousness and dreamworlds. Neptune dissolves boundaries, so you may find yourself experiencing powerful merging states with others, especially in conversations and communications.

This could manifest in many different ways. Perhaps you are mesmerized by your favorite book and find yourself disappearing into the story for hours at a time. Perhaps you drop into deep conversation and experience it as a naturally-occurring altered state. Perhaps you have a transcendent experience while making love. Perhaps it is as simple as receiving deep guidance as you slowly drift off to sleep.

The downside of Neptune is fogginess, illusion, and deception.

Make sure to do your fact checking with important communications.

Ephemeral spiritual messages may be slippery and difficult to recall later, so journal the details you want to remember later. It may be easier to capture insights with symbol and image; art and creative expression are favored.

The energies of the past few weeks have been intense.

We have been revisiting the Saturn Square Uranus (also see Saturn Square Uranus Part II here) energies as Sun, Mercury, and Mars all opposed Uranus, stirring the desire for change, revolution, and liberation. Pressure and intensity has been ramped up, but with this Taurus Full Moon, the energy will begin shifting a bit.

The feeling I’ve gotten has been of a more organized activation of momentum toward desired goals.

It seems the buildup has been several reiterations of preparation and planning, which suddenly burst into movement and change.

It reminds me of how an athlete trains for a major competition.

Early stages require focus, determination, routine, and conditioning. Dedication.

Then, there’s the shift into action, where all the past hard work gets set into motion and called upon in order to meet a challenge.

This Moon is coming within that type of backdrop energy.

The Mars/Uranus opposition has provided the energy to take a leap forward, but have we properly prepared for a successful outcome?

Jupiter is now lending its beneficial and upbeat influence, as it also makes contacts with Sun, Moon, & Mercury. This may help bring a sense of optimism, despite the setbacks and frustrations of late.

Pluto is also forming a trine to the Taurus Full Moon, which could amplify the Scorpionic themes of depth, intensity, mystery, and birth/death/rebirth.

The Full Moon always brings an intensity of feeling, and sensitive people may find themselves wired in the middle of the night or experiencing restless sleep.

A lunar eclipse highlights endings and beginnings, so the death/birth theme is particularly underscored.

Eclipses happen within larger cycles,

so consider what was going on in fall 2012 and spring 2003.

Those eclipses were also activating the late Scorpio/Taurus polarity axis, and you may be able to trace commonalities in themes of beginnings and endings from those times that relate to what is going on now.

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

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