Scorpio New Moon: 11.4.21

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

Sun and Moon join together at 12 degrees Scorpio, and a new lunar cycle begins.

Scorpio is a sign of depth, mystery, and fearlessness in the dark.

Scorpio is a water sign.

Scorpio energy reminds me of cave dwelling creatures that develop finely-tuned abilities to sense vibration and subtle temperature variation in order to survive.

Without the need to perceive via light, these creatures may not even have functioning eyes.

Things perceived without eyes may not be noticeable to those distracted by the dazzling array of sight.

Deeply perceptive, Scorpio knows what lies in the deep, dark depths.

Because of this sensitivity, others sometimes get spooked.

It is easy for a perceptive person to be scapegoated.

Instead of embracing or exploring what is being revealed, many folks have a knee-jerk tendency to blame the messenger for their discomfort.

“They’re weird.”

“I don’t like being around them.”

“They make me uncomfortable.”

Surface level projection ensues, and it can get ugly.

Unfortunately, the ones projecting are denying themselves a great gift.

In actuality, those who project are avoiding uncharted territory within themselves but are completely unaware/unconscious that they are doing so;

they believe the surface-level projection.

The unknown can be that frightening, especially when it’s a looming inner unknown.

Often, Scorpios learn to keep their perceptions to themselves.

Hence, we get the classic Scorpionic secretiveness.

Creatures adapted to well-lit environments tend to sleep in the dark;

they slip into unconsciousness in the dark, rather than come alive.

Nighttime creatures prefer to remain in the shadows and are enlivened by the dark.

Scorpio avoids the surface-level.

This Scorpio New Moon provides an opportunity for all of us to explore the depths.

It’s an invitation to take a deep breath, dive below, look around, then bring what you’ve discovered back to the surface.

This New Moon is exactly opposite Uranus, at 12 degrees Taurus.

Thus, it’s making direct contact with the Saturn square Uranus dynamic that is the backdrop for 2021 (and beyond).

Expect emotional depths and insights to lead us to surprising twists and turns.

If you’ve been itching for change and revolution, this lunar cycle could amplify your frustrations and impatience.

Or you may find yourself having to deal with others’ impatience, especially as Mars approaches its opposition to Uranus over the next few weeks.

The vibe could be electric, urging toward revolution, eccentric, and quirky.

There could be breakthrough inventions and discoveries.

It’s like going in for a medical scan– an x-ray, ultrasound, or MRI.

Something that was always there but remained unseen is suddenly brought to vivid awareness.

The new awareness is not causal; it did not create what is now seen.

It cannot be un-seen, un-witnessed, and is no longer un-known.

It must be faced and integrated.

This Moon is symbolically like technology that would allow you to instantaneously reveal unseen layers of reality.

Because this New Moon is connecting to Saturn/Uranus, new insights and perceptions could eventually contribute to important structural revision that firms up the future in a big way that’s rooted in typically inaccessible depths.

It has the power to expand awareness beyond the senses.

This New Moon is of big movement from the depths.

It seems to surface suddenly, yet it has been building for quite some time.

Once it is in the light, it cannot be un-done.

Now is a great time to tap into your depths–

meditate, journal, do some dreamwork.

Make time to sit in darkness.

Enter stillness.

Close your eyes and allow your other senses to take over.

What do you find hidden in your deep, dark depths?

How do your explorations inform you of your deepest desires?

If you made changes to accommodate your heart’s desires, what would that look like?

Make an outline of steps and imagine following through.

Does this bring up fear? If so, you’re on track.

The New Moon is a seeding for the lunar cycle ahead.

Set your intentions now and watch them grow with the growing moon.

This is particularly powerful as we approach the Full Moon of November 19th, because it is also a lunar eclipse, which denotes beginnings/endings.

Imagine swimming alone in the depths of the ocean.

Suddenly you sense big movement and are swept along with an upward-moving current.

It may feel scary or overwhelming.

But if you go with the flow, you may find a momentum that breaks through the water’s surface and reveals a magnificent scene.

A whole new world!

The key is to call in your courage and go with the flow.

Don’t let fear lead you into negative projection.

Don’t scapegoat others because you don’t have the courage to open your eyes.

And be gentle with yourself and others;

surfacing from the depths can feel jolting and blinding.

New awareness could usher in new vulnerability.

Recede into the dark to regenerate if needed.

Take warm baths by candlelight.

Retreat to a cozy bed and dive into the dreamworld depths.

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

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