Aries Full Moon: 10.20.21

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

{Before I get to the lunar contemplations, I’d like to note that this astrology project is drawing to a close– only 3 more moons to write about to bring the 1 year commitment to completion.

I have to admit, I’m relieved. I love astrology, but it isn’t all that I do, or even my favorite thing that I do, although it’s pretty high up there.

That said, I have enjoyed deepening into the lunar rhythms, which I have done in various ways for many years, but the practice of writing pieces to share publicly provided structure, intention, and helped me focus and fine-tune my practice.

I’m sure I’ll still include astrology from time to time, but after December 2021, I will once again broaden my topics to include other passions:

~dreamwork ~ symbolism ~ transpersonal theories ~ creative process ~ psychospiritual development ~ consciousness studies ~ re-emergent feminine power ~ and much more~

Much gratitude to those who have joined me in these lunar explorations.

I look forward to new journeys in the near future! blessings~ Amber}

Aries Full Moon:

October 20, 2021 at 7:57 AM Pacific, we have a Full Moon as Libra Sun opposes Aries Moon.

Mars and Sun have been dancing since the last New Moon, when Sun, Moon, and Mars formed a triple conjunction at 13 Libra.

So, even the seeding phase New Moon carried a strong Martian/Aries tone.

Mars relates to action, initiative, impetus, passion, anger, mission.

This entire lunation (from new– waxing–full–waning) highlights the Libra/Aries polarity, and with fiery flare.

Libra, represented by the scales, brings an awareness of needing to find balance.

Anyone who has tried balancing old-fashioned scales knows this is a delicate and tricky thing to do.

The thing is, it isn’t as straightforward as it seems.

Sometimes the eye deceives.

One side may appear larger than the other.

It may take many pieces to match one piece.

Now throw Mars into the mix.

Light two matches and weigh those against each other.

Good luck.

But that’s been the vibe lately.

And this moon amplifies that because Moon is in Aries, and Aries is ruled by Mars.

How does that translate?

Maybe you’ve been trying to make a lot of starts lately.

Maybe it’s been difficult to get things going.

There could be many ideas, maybe a lot of excitement.

Or maybe it feels more like agitation.


Urges to break out and DO something.


And if I run into roadblocks, I’ll just bust my way through.

Or get angry.

That’s Mars. That’s Aries.

Aries likes to start things. In that way, Aries is the archetypal adventurer.

Let’s not plan too much. Just jump in!

Aries may embark on a long walk and realize an hour later that they didn’t bring water, and they’re wearing high heels.

No worries. I’ll just pop into this store and buy some new shoes and a bottle of water.

Aries isn’t easily daunted, but rather just keeps on going.

But Libra? Libra stops and hesitates with every step.

How will these choices impact others?

Did I forget a meeting? Should I have invited along a friend? Am I neglecting something?

Mars in Libra can get stalled.

With indecision and careful consideration, paralysis can set in.

Now Moon is in Aries, and there is a strong emotional response to these Libran tendencies.

(Sun, Mars, and also Mercury are all still currently in Libra.)

Plus, this Full Moon is square Pluto.

The tensions we experience now are dredging up the deep, dark unconscious patterns that we’d typically rather not look at or engage.

And Mercury is opposite Chiron.

Communications are carrying messages regarding our wounds.

This can point to new approaches or new levels of self-compassion, but the road is bumpy and difficult to navigate.

Why stop and process some deep, dark shit we’ve been carrying (and probably unconsciously enacting), when we could just spend the day lighting matches?!

But the flame travels close to our finger. Quick! Blow it out, or it’ll burn!

Then light another one.

For fun.

‘Cuz boredom.

Because we are craving momentum.

But those matches could be moments of antagonism.

Could the energy be channeled into more constructive pathways?

Can we still work with inspiration without expecting immediate results?

Maybe it could be helpful to think about the ways we stand out from the crowd in our urges to initiate things in the world.

Aries is a leader.

Sometimes leadership can be lonely.

Being different can feel isolating, even as it can be empowering.

This Full Moon is also squaring Saturn, so you can bet that what is being revealed at this time via personal frustrations, inspirations, urges, and desires is informing your role in the larger collective process of restructuring & reordering that’s happening.

Is it time to firm up the tried and true, or forge ahead into the new and unknown?

(You can read more about Saturn square Uranus here & here, and there will be one more piece on Saturn square Uranus in December.)

This is an important time to get in touch with your individual fire (Aries)


situate that unique essence and all its gifts within a larger relational whole (Libra).

How can what you are learning about your biggest dreams inform how you show up for Others?

How can your passion help ignite sparks of inspiration for others?

It’s important to note that Venus (the ruler of Libra) is making connections to Sun, Moon, Mercury, Uranus, Neptune, and Chiron.

The relational undertone is very important.

The passing of a flame could develop into something bigger, more powerful, and more effective.

So, things are building.

The momentum we’ve been craving is definitely coming soon.

Taking time to consider relational aspects and impacts will help ensure the success of your personal projects.

As Saturn and Uranus approach another round of exact square, the deeper personal work done now will help smooth the edges and clarify what is needed.

Jupiter is also making some helpful contacts to this full moon, so bask in some vibrant moonbeams, and trust that things are unfolding in a way that serves your health and wholeness in a beneficial and trustworthy way.

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