Libra New Moon: 10.6.21

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

The New Moon in Libra occurs on October 6, 2021 at 4:05 AM Pacific.

This New Moon features a triple conjunction between Sun, Moon, and Mars at 13 Libra.

The triple conjunction is opposite Chiron at 10 Aries.

Mercury Retrograde at 20 Libra forms a wider conjunction, as well.

Mercury is square Pluto.

And the triple conjunction is also forming trines to both Saturn and Jupiter.

Additionally, Venus is coming into a conjunction with the South Node.

What does it all mean?

I’m reading this as a very interesting, and potentially intense, kick-off to a new lunar cycle.

Libra Sun and Moon can be diplomatic, striving for harmony and compromise,


airy Libra can experience extremes,

and Mars thrown into the mix adds a bit of unpredictable fire.

It may be difficult to come together in agreement.

Mediating polarities or those with intense differences in opinions may prove volatile.

Tensions between individual ego efforts and group think may trigger old wounds.

Things might seem pleasant enough on the surface but leave you with a nagging feeling that you missed something important.

Those pushing for direct actions and initiative may feel drowned out, ignored, or stifled.

Mercury Retrograde squaring Pluto could dredge up secrets from the past.

Things may bubble up from deep below.

Or from deep within– you might discover new aspects within old, familiar inner territory.

Information could surface that takes you by surprise.

These messages could reveal shadow sides, manipulations, or things that either you or someone else have attempted to conceal.

It’s the kind of reveal that is sticky and makes a mess.

It’s the kind of thing that brings with it a stench or a sting.

As is typical for this year, the backdrop of Saturn square Uranus is always at play–

we want to make changes, to restructure, and to innovate new solutions


nothing is going to pass muster without a few rounds of scrutiny, testing, and delay.

Yet, with the trines to Jupiter, we maintain optimism, despite the fears or reservations that may sneak in here and there.

With Venus dancing toward the South Node, there could be relational endings.

These endings could be painful, but it serves the evolutionary path to let go.

There could be a sense of karmic release from situations that are no longer serving your path.

This New Moon could be especially powerful for rituals to cleanse and clear and then make space for new seeds to take root.

The emphasis may be on the release, but make sure to specify hopes and desires for what comes next.

By the full moon on October 20th,

Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto will all have stationed direct.

However, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are practically at standstills all month.

And Mercury will be back at 10 degrees Libra, revisiting the same astrological areas that are currently lit up by the New Moon.

So, it might take a little while to feel like things are gaining forward momentum again.

This month may highlight a deep process of relational exploration.

We may want to shift old patterns and show up in new and fresh ways.

Changes made at this time may help strengthen the long-term structure of our goals, objectives, and dreams.

The energies could very well manifest concretely as a desire to redecorate, renovate old buildings, or rearrange furniture.

The aesthetics of our dwellings and workplaces may need upgrades and reworking.

These changes could make surprising shifts in our general energy levels, productivity, and peace of mind.

This is a great month to up your self care, slow down, and intentionally soothe your nerves.

Meditation, dreamwork, and introspection could be especially insightful.

This could also be a wonderful time to gather with friends around a fire.

A fire release ritual could be especially potent:

Each person brings something that represents what they are releasing.

This could be words written on paper.

Or it could be a collage or some other artwork that is safe to burn.

Even an article of clothing that represents the old patterns could work!

Each person shares what they are releasing while being deeply witnessed by the group.

Either one-by-one or all at once, release your items into the fire.

Watch as the material form is transmuted and transformed.

Feel how this is happening in a powerful way internally even as you witness it in the outer world.

Take a few moments in silence to acknowledge the release.

Afterward, make some s’mores, stargaze, and watch the embers spark potential.

Focus especially on sharing exciting ideas and upcoming creative projects.

What big dreams do you carry?

What changes would re-ignite your soul-fire?

It’s a great time of the year to acknowledge the power of fire–

the comfort and protection it offers through the winter ahead,

and also the inner fire it reflects, which can never be destroyed.

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

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