Virgo New Moon: 9.6.21

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

This New Moon brings Sun & Moon together at 14 degrees Virgo.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is a deeply analytical sign, although it is of earth element rather than intellectual air (like Gemini, also ruled by Mercury).

Virgo’s analysis is of practical, mundane nature.

I have known Virgos obsessed & successful with the accumulation of wealth.

I’ve known Virgos who struggled greatly with finances.

I’ve known Virgos who are great at massage therapy, their hands tuned into physical awareness and the intricacies of physiology–

the complex connections between muscle, tendon, and fascia.

I’ve known Virgos who find themselves when they plant their hands in the dirt while gardening.

I’ve known Virgos who clear their entire lives of clutter by weeding their front flower beds.

Virgo carries a rather earthy wisdom and magic.

Flowers of the Sun
from my walk this Virgo New Moon

Mutable Virgo walks us from summer into autumn.

With the Sun’s passage through the sign of Virgo, we see a noticeable shift in the northern hemisphere–

from longer days towards longer nights,

from vibrant fullness towards first harvests,

from intense warmth towards crisp cool mornings and evenings,

from greens towards golds.

This particular New Moon in Virgo also comes with some Neptunian and Plutonian vibes–

Venus is square Pluto

This activates the shadow realm within the feminine. We see this clearly in the US as clashes related to female empowerment, new abortion laws, and attempts to both liberate and control concurrently clash with momentous force.

Pluto presents what has been underground like lava rushing forth in volcanic eruption.

It burns. It’s molten and charged. It’s undeniable.

It destroys, but it also lays a fresh foundation for new growth.

Another example is with the recent Taliban insurgency in Afghanistan and the extreme control of women that comes with it. You can read more about the terrifying effects on women in Afghanistan here in a brief article from the Organization for World Peace.

And then there’s Neptune.

Mars is finally moving away from an opposition with Neptune.

This made taking action like driving through thick fog–

you can’t really see what’s ahead,

perception is limited,

and what was familiar becomes distorted and disorienting.

It can be dangerous to drive in such conditions.

The same can be said with taking drastic actions in recent weeks.

Soon the Sun will also form an exact opposition to Neptune.

This could bring pleasant visions and spiritual insights


there could be more illusions, deceptions, and confusions.

Best to proceed with caution…

Recent energies and world events have been extremely intense.

One of the gifts of Virgo is to tune into the deeper wisdom of the season.

Look around outside, and I bet you might catch sight of a busy squirrel.

Squirrels are doing what squirrels do best.

They prepare for winter.

They gather the resources.

They make cozy nests.

They might stop to bark at intruders and sound the alarm for the whole neighborhood.

What do you need to gather to prepare for the short days and long nights ahead?

What can you do to make your nest softer, safer, and more insulated?

What details need tending, so that when it’s time to rest, you can do so worry-free?

Whatever those things are, do them now!

Know that the rush of tending to the details is a momentary necessity,


also know the hard work with pay off

with full bellies, full hearts, and full reserves

of well-stocked vitality, gratitude, and general abundance.

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

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