Cancer New Moon: 7.9.21

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

The last Full Moon on June 24, 2021 was at 3 degrees Cancer/Capricorn and lit up the polarity between these two signs (more on that here).

This New Moon has Sun and Moon conjunct at 18 degrees Cancer.

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Loving Protection

With the Summer Solstice on June 20th, Sun moved into Cancer (for tropical zodiac) and reached its annual peak in the northern hemisphere.

The Solstices are important pivotal points in the dance between light and dark.

Cultures across the planet have built lasting monuments to mark solar passages.

The solstices have long been linked to Gateways of Life & Death.

In ancient Egypt the constellation of Cancer was associated with the sacred Scarab Beetle, rather than the Crab.

I first heard of this more ancient association while taking a class on fixed stars with Bernadette Brady. She describes the Scarab constellation’s importance as:

“A symbol of immortality, rising from the dead and settling ‘upon the empty throne in the boat of Ra,’ a place where the Sun god was born again. This may well be the source for the later belief that this group of stars was the source of all life and a portal, the place where human souls entered into the Earth’s material realms. In contrast, the stars of Capricorn, the winter solstice, were seen as the place of departure or death.”

Brady, Bernadette. (1998). Brady’s book of fixed stars. york beach, me: samuel weiser, inc.

During this time of the year, the sun’s potency is at its height, and its lifegiving powers become readily apparent.

The earth is overbrimming with blossoming abundance.

Nourishment is everywhere–

in the soft warmth of a summer’s breeze,

in the sweet ambrosia of honeysuckle and jasmine scented air,

in a vast array of dazzling colors– greens, red, purples, yellows, pinks,

and in the chirping & buzzing of birds and bees.

The season of the summer Scarab hums with life incarnate.

It’s the pleasurable, carefree, luxuriant time of the year.

“Daylight, full of small dancing particles

and the one great turning, our souls

are dancing with you, without feet, they dance.

Can you see them when I whisper in your ear?”

Rumi: selected poems. translated by coleman barks. london: penguin books.

Yet, if one pays close attention, the shift in the light cycle soon becomes obvious.

The days begin steadily decreasing in light.

Observe the tops of the trees, and you’ll find the telltale signs of gentle yellowing not too long after the summer solstice.

With the height of summer, I often also experience a sinking sensation,

like speeding over a hill–

your stomach drops as gravity hugs you to the earth.

It used to bring a sense of dread,

<<<<Ugh, paradise gained… AND instantly lost.>>>>

but as I have increasingly learned to surrender to the natural cycles of life and death, the dread has become more fleeting.

Like the ancient Chinese symbol of yin/yang, within one polarity is the point of its opposite, and each is always flowing into and out of the other.

It is through this union of opposites that creation occurs.

The weeks around the solstices bring these themes to the forefront.

It’s an ancient wisdom that many have lost touch with in our modern world.

The coming together of Sun and Moon is one such variation of this dance of opposites.

Additionally, Venus and Mars are coming together–

nearing a conjunction, which will be exact on 7.13.21,

as they each complete and move away from the tense aspects of opposition to Saturn and square to Uranus.

Relational dynamics may have recently been tense, heated, & frustrating.

Desire for increased freedom may have been triggered or stirred.

Meanwhile, Venus and Mars are also both slowly moving beyond trines to Chiron.

If recent encounters have pushed buttons or hit raw nerves,

know that things are shifting,

and now is a great time to pause and integrate what has made itself known.

If messages and communications have been muddled over the past few months,

know that Mercury is finally separating from its square with Neptune,

which has been in play since the end of May 2021.

Clarity should arise.

This New Moon should usher in a blissful moment of reprieve.

For now the pleasure of sunbathing Leo colors affectionate the union of opposites.

Watch for the dance of opposites both within and outside of you.

Things will soon gain momentum and intensity once more.

Both the Sun and Mercury are heading towards oppositions to Pluto in the weeks to come.

This could dredge up an awareness of underworld activities.

Secrets could surface.

We could become aware of manipulations that were previously concealed.

There could be announcements which reveal shadow elements on the world stage.

When is this not the case?!


There could be bigger events or revelations that carry these themes mid-late July.

But, for now, bask in sunlight and marvel at the dark spaces between starlight.

Let the fullness of life fill any emptiness within.

Notice how when you breathe into one, it makes space for the other.

masculine and feminine

stillness and movement

tension and softness

silence and chatter

action and inaction

heat and cold

light and dark

birth and death

holding on and letting go

breathing in and breathing out

Can you dance the opposites & release the manifestations that ripple forth?

Can you see how you carry this ancient cosmic dance within you?

Can you see it in the movement of the stars, in the twinkling light and velvety dark?

Have you ever seen sadness in a smile or peace in someone’s tears?

“Dance, when you’re broken open.

Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off.

Dance in the middle of the fighting.

Dance in your blood.

Dance, when you’re perfectly free.”

rumi: selected poems. translated by coleman barks. london: penguin books.

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