Saturn square Uranus 2021: Part 2

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.




*convention*severity*authority* *rules*rigidity*endurance*




*breakthrough*revolution*sudden change*




Square Aspect:

*90 degree angle between celestial bodies from earth perspective*dynamic tension* *obstacles*struggle and active engagement required to integrate the activated energies*

The second exact hit of 2021’s Saturn square Uranus occurred on June 14th, 2021.

Below, the peaks indicate moments of exact aspect. The dark vertical line indicates current date: 6.30.21. Graphic is from Archetypal Explorer astrological program.

Even though this major world transit is the biggest transit of 2021, it was active in 2020 and will continue afterwards. 2020-2023 is shown below at a 10 degree orb.

Adding some additional oomph, we currently have Mars (in red below) further activating these tense energies. This has been coinciding along with the various peaks of the Saturn Uranus square– an interesting dynamic to note and pay attention to.

Mars infuses the more long-term Saturn/Uranus dynamic with passion, intensity, anger, assertion, drive, action.

We may feel more impetus to follow knee-jerk reactions.

The tensions of the year and past year may reach critical turning points.

This could lead to feeling fed up with being held back.

Things could suddenly fall apart.



Below are some synchronistic events that have been unfolding on the world stage which reflect these activated energies. In particular, the Saturn/Uranus square plus Mars.

{Please note: These examples are shared to highlight the archetypal energies in myriad manifestation–

including them does not necessarily indicate a particular stance or opinion, unless I explicitly state one.

Links are included for those interested in further educational opportunities.}

June 30, 2021 Bill Cosby is suddenly (Uranus) and unexpectedly (Uranus) freed (Uranus) from prison (Saturn). Cosby was convicted (Saturn) in 2018 of drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand. Many other women have reported similar treatment and abuse from Cosby.

Bill Cosby, as Cliff Huxtable, was once an icon of fatherly love, maturity, and wisdom (all positive characteristics of Saturn) after starring for many years on the extremely popular TV program The Cosby Show.

It seems he was released based on a legal (Saturn) error, rather than based on his innocence.

No doubt this event will enflame (Mars) many who seek to liberate (Uranus) those who are victims of inflated powermongers (shadow Saturn) and subjected to abuse that has been normalized in our formerly patriarchal (Saturn) society (Saturn).

This type of event can be extremely re-traumatizing for women who have been raped, sexually abused, and sexually assaulted. Here is a link to an extensive list of resources for those who may be struggling with these currently activated themes.

Another current event making headlines on June 30th as Mars approached its opposition to Saturn and square to Uranus regarded legal proceedings (Saturn) in Britney Spears’ battle to liberate (Uranus) herself from her father’s alleged tyrannical control (Saturn) as co-conservator of her estate.

Through the conservatorship, her father has controlled her business agreements and contracts, property and assets, and the star alleges that even her relational choices and reproductive rights have been encroached upon.

Spears’ request to remove her father from the conservatorship was denied on June 30, 2021.

Britney Spears’ situation has catalyzed complex and important collective conversations and considerations in a wide variety of contexts.

The New York Times released a documentary episode in their Hulu series “New York Times Presents,” which is geared toward highlighting important cultural stories of our times. The Britney Spears episode brought to light the misogyny she has endured throughout her career. Here is an interesting LA Times interview with the director of the piece.

The Smithsonian magazine published a piece prompted by the Britney Spears case– “Britney Spears and the Age-Old History of Men Policing Women’s Trauma.”

NPR published an article on “Britney Spears’ Forced Contraception Revelation Sheds Light on Reproductive Justice in the U.S.”

It is interesting to note how these aspects pull to the surface of collective awareness themes of systemic oppression in the context of women within patriarchal societies as Venus (relating to women & women’s issues, relationships, love, beauty, and the arts) is completing an opposition with Pluto (underworld themes that often surface as forceful evolutionary catalysts). Soon Venus will move into Mars’ current placement, opposing Saturn and squaring Uranus. It will be interesting to watch how Britney’s case continues to unfold.

It could be easy to dismiss the news as celebrity drama, but it would be unfortunate to miss out on the deeper archetypal dynamics activated, embodied, and resonantly enacted through the nuances of her ordeal.

Famous people are renowned because the archetypal energies come though these individuals in bigger, more obvious, more raw, and unmediated ways.

Sometimes shocking revelations (Uranus) can uncover corrupt aspects that lead to massive questioning of long-trusted and respected institutions (Saturn), leaders, public figures, law systems (Saturn), conventional (Saturn) practices, governments, and even physical structures (Saturn).

The ensuing revisions and readjustments in perception and action are key to long-term beneficial change.

This is the gift of the Saturn/Uranus dynamic.

2021 has evidenced this dynamic in significant ways.

Many examples were already touched on in Saturn square Uranus: Part I.

The above examples of Bill Cosby and Britney Spears cases further exemplify these themes with warrior fight energy of Mars added into the mix.

Another, more concrete, example is the collapse of a residential building in Surfside, Florida. The building had apparently been reported as in need of repair earlier this year. On June 24, 2021, the building partially collapsed.

As this article is written, 126 are reported missing and 22 people have been found to be deceased.

Here we have sudden (Uranus) fall (Saturn) and loss of life (Saturn) due to structural (Saturn) damage. Likely, this is due to a lack of diligence and irresponsibility (shadow Saturn + shadow Uranus). Further investigations will be ongoing. Additionally, severe weather has complicated the rescue and clean-up, so this even continues to unravel and unfold as activating Mars makes exact hits to Saturn and Uranus. Hopefully this event will lead to enhanced protective procedures and protocols for structural degradation.

And a final example…

Recently, there have been discoveries of large unmarked mass graves of children who died at residential schools where Native American/indigenous First Nations children were forcibly and manipulatively separated from families in governmental and religious attempts to assimilate indigenous populations during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Unexpected (Uranus) information has been abruptly (Uranus) brought to light which demonstrates shadow Saturn– government-enforced limitations, control, and severe restrictions in extreme (Uranus) that even stifled and snuffed out the bright light of young, innocent children.

Shadow Saturn dictated that indigenous ways and people were unacceptable, incorrigible, and worthy of extermination.

Colonial superego out of control.

So far, most of the focus has been on Canadian residential schools, where protests and demonstrations called for a cancel of Canada Day.

Many of these newly uncovered unmarked mass graves have been discovered through the use of ground-penetrating (Pluto) radar technology, another interesting parallel with Saturn (solid materiality) and breakthrough innovation (Uranus), literally intersecting in this case.

There were also many residential schools throughout the United States and Australia where mass graves and abuse were commonplace. These Canadian findings are likely just the tip of a massive iceberg, and I expect much more to be brought to collective attention.

Many are unaware of the concerted ways in which governments and religious institutions deliberately, systematically, and strategically attempted to eradicate indigenous peoples and cultures around the globe and how the trauma of these events continues to detrimentally impact native people today.

As a descendant of the Mississippian peoples of what is today known as the American Southeast, I find myself once again lit up (Mars) at the injustices my ancestors suffered.

It is no small miracle that I am here today.

It is no surprise that I carry deep ancestral wounds and have spent a great deal of energy and effort bringing healing to the trauma of my indigenous motherline.

This recent uncovering of nightmarish details was not new information for me. Yet, it spurred a new wave of fiery drive to continue addressing the complexities of colonial trauma as it continues in the U.S. and many other countries worldwide.

I do, however, continue to be shocked and surprised by how many folks are simply completely unaware of what took place in the U.S. and other countries when indigenous people were found to be inconvenient and in the way of “progress.”

I have much more to address regarding this topic–

so much to say, so many thoughts to develop, so much to write, & so much to put into action,

but for now I will begin by including links to important relevant articles, resources, & books on the subject.

First, I have my Master’s thesis on the topic:

Claiming Voice & Visibility From the In-Between: Contemporary Native North American Women & Displacement (2012)

Here is a link to the National Native American Boarding School Healing Coalition website, full of helpful resources and information.

Here is an article from The Atlantic, “Death by Civilization” by Mary Annette Pember.

A list of the 367 American Indian boarding schools from 29 states in the U.S. can be found here.

And a powerful book to familiarize yourself with more information:

White Mother to a Dark Race: Settler Colonialism, Maternalism, and the Removal of Indigenous Children in the American West and Australia, 1880-1940 by Margaret D. Jacobs

Earlier in the year I mentioned following the billionaire space race between Jeff Bezos (Blue Origin) and Richard Branson (Virgin Galactic). While I do find this topic extremely relevant to the ongoing Saturn square Uranus 2021 transit, I do not find my energies drawn particularly in this direction at this time. However, I do find it amusing that nearly 150,000 disgruntled folks have petitioned for Jeff Bezos to not be allowed return to Earth if he goes to space. Again, this further highlights the tension between Saturn (status quo, material realm, conventions, responsibility) and Uranus (boundary-busting, revolution, freedom, innovation, invention, technology, Promethean impulse). So much more to say on this, but it doesn’t quite feel like now is the time.


Maybe I am just spread thin and exhausted from the emotional intensity of all the other relevant worlds events at the moment.

Despite the gravity and intensity of collective unfoldings, I find it fascinating and enlivening to view these events with an archetypal perspective. It doesn’t take away the pain, anger, indignation, or tears. However, it does provide a feeling that something big, significant, and major is happening here on Earth. It happens in and through our lives. It happens both within and beyond us. Through our struggles and triumphs, our joys and sorrows, an archetypal magic unfolds. There is immense Beauty in that realization. It is like a salve for the weary soul.

Wishing you all (and myself) deep self-care, insightful catharsis, and loving connection with others, our planet, and the cosmos.

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