Cancer Sun opposes Capricorn Moon: Full Moon 6.24.21

By Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

Water & Earth

Sensitivity & Practicality

Gentle Flow & Pushing Farther

Riding Tides & Climbing Mountains

These are some themes activated by the Cancer/Capricorn polarity.

This full moon comes with some tense transits.

In particular, Venus (in Cancer) is opposite Pluto (in Capricorn).

Relational shadow aspects may be afoot.

Watch for power dynamics in friendships, romantic partnerships, and professional alliances.

This alignment further emphasizes the tension between Cancer and Capricorn.

Are we taking care of ourselves?

Are we taking care of others?

Are we being overbearing?

Are we being distant?

When do we feel urges to control, and what does that indicate about our deep needs and fears?

Do our ambitious drives overpower our deeper, softer needs?

How can we pull back into our cozy shells and self-soothe in a healthy way?

How can we cultivate a nourishing urge to accomplish our dreams?

Reflecting on today’s transits, what caught my eye was a grand fire trine.

The players?

Mars in Leo

Chiron in Aries

South Lunar Node in Sagittarius

Now, some folks may not consider Chiron or the nodes of the moon appropriate for a grand trine configuration.

Honestly, I really don’t care.

(I have ZERO interest in debating astrological techniques, rules, and protocols. I see what I see, feel what I feel, and offer my insights here as food for thought. That is all.)

What it speaks to me is that there is a dynamic at play between the fire signs in the mix of everything else.

Mars is also opposite Saturn and square Uranus–

igniting the big transit of 2021 with some pretty juicy fuel.

You may have noticed a recent uptick in the push/pull between old ways and new,

conservative approaches and innovation,

rules and freedom.

(watch for a forthcoming piece on Saturn square Uranus II… coming soon…)

Anyways, I find the grand fire trine a potentially hopeful backdrop for this full moon.

Mars in Leo wants to express its unique creativity. It wants to put on a big, heartfelt production demonstrating what matters most. Maybe it wants to make flashy shows of generosity. It wants to protect the pride.

Chiron in Aries feels the pain of striving for independence and adventurous self-assertion mixed with memories of falling disastrously flat in the past. Chiron in Aries knows a thing or two to help with this type of wounding. It commiserates with the downtrodden, the misfits, & the underdogs.

Connect that in with the south node in Sagittarius, and old philosophies and thought structures may surface for conscious revision. Upbeat inspirations buried in the past may spark some dry tinder and reignite passionate dreams of times long forgotten.

Of course, with the north node opposite the south node in Gemini, it is making sextile contacts to both Mars and Chiron. This is an opportunity to work with these themes and bring forth some positive change.

Add to that Jupiter is trine the Sun and sextile the Moon, amplifying the lunar energies at play and contributing an optimistic vibe.

Yes, we have a lot of tension these days.

Yes, there are a lot of struggles.

Yes, there is much work to be done.

And YES, a better world is possible.

In fact, we are birthing it into being right now.

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

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