Scorpio Full Moon: April 26, 2021

by Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

The initiating firestorm of the Aries New Moon can now shift into solid resolve and earthy follow-through.

Yet, this full moon is a supermoon– one that is closer to the earth and thus has a bit more oomph– AND it’s activating the ongoing 2021 square between Saturn and Uranus.

Any full moon can rile the emotional atmosphere.

But a supermoon is about 7% bigger and 15% brighter, which will be most visibly noticeable if you catch it on the horizon.

Observing a more dramatic tide today on the Pacific Northwest coast, I thought of how the moon is activating and emphasizing the water element in both literal and figurative ways.

This moon is often referred to as the Pink Moon, which is a reference to the visibility of pink phlox moss blooming.

Indeed, where I live the buds are beginning to bloom.

The initial spark of spring is developing into small blossoms.

There is so much seeding potential in the air (and it’s making me sneeze).

Yet, feeling into this moon more intuitively, what repeatedly caught my attention was

the activation of water.

One way in which water is activated is through the melting of ice and snow, freeing the flow rivers and streams.

I once lived near a river, and every spring unleashed fresh, wild running water that had been slowed and locked up over the winter.

Few experiences have been as exuberant and thrilling as running alongside a recently liberated rushing river!

Perhaps Mars in Cancer is drawing my attention to the activation of water.

Scorpio– the sign of the current moon– is also a water sign.

Water is essential. Water is life.

Art by Christi Belcourt

This could be a good time to connect with water–

  • Visit a nearby spring, river, or the ocean.
  • Take a salt bath.
  • Set out a bowl of water and watch it reflect sunlight or moonlight.
  • See if you can imagine and/or experiment moving like water.
  • What would it feel like to be rain?
  • Can you fathom how much water an ocean contains?

Another image I get repeatedly while meditating on this moon is that of an

illuminated cave revealing deep layers of ancient formations.

Scorpio is about plumbing the depths.

When we bring the focus of our awareness to the deeper layers of life, what do we find?

This could apply in personal ways–

introspectively, who are we on deeper levels?

Why are we here?

What is the meaning of our existence?

Why do we have particular relationships in our lives?

Why has life handed us specific experiences?

Plumbing the depths could also very easily apply in more transpersonal and collective ways–

I see this especially applicable in today’s societal call for an examination into police brutality, abuse of power, and systemic racism.

These deep layers are embedded in our society.

They have been forming for a very long time.

They have become rock solid and resistant to change.

It can be difficult to clearly perceive such deep, old structures.

And yet, we can chip away at what has become stagnant, dead, and outdated.

We can gear ourselves with headlamps (conscious intention) and dive into the dark recesses of our individual and collective minds.

In these typically concealed depths, the unknown is made accessible.

Enveloped in darkness, our perception takes on an atypical quality.

Our feeling function and intuition kick in.

To navigate the dark, our senses expand and heighten.

What happens internally when you tap into such mystery?

What stirs?

Fear? Fascination? Curiosity? Anxiety? Excitement?

This moon may offer an opportunity to explore such inner terrain.

How can these explorations help enrich and inform your sphere of awareness?

Can you discover secrets?

And can these secrets from the depths rise to the surface to empower you with greater sensitivity and deeper understanding?

Amber R. Balk, Ph.D. is a transpersonal educator, writer, researcher, and independent consultant who combines diverse educational and professional backgrounds to provide well-rounded and unique individual and group psychospiritual services. She can be contacted at

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

I am an independent scholar and transpersonal consultant, specializing in embodying and implementing transpersonal and feminist values in real-world, practical situations. I believe academic pursuits are best if made widely accessible and when applied in ways which promote sustainability, contribute to increased awareness, and engender holistic sensitivity to both the outer environment and one's inner workings. I work with INDIVIDUALS in one-on-one sessions so they may empower themselves through deepening spiritual practice, accessing creativity, and attuning to self-understanding. Additionally, I work within GROUP contexts with people who endeavor to co-create social change through community action projects that honor the depth of subjective individuality while anchoring action within a more transpersonal, environmentally-minded context. I enjoy being a Hermit when I can and becoming more deeply familiar with this place we call home, beautiful Mother Earth.

This blog is a place to cover topics such as consciousness, spirituality, psychospiritual process, creativity, Grofian theory, Jungian thought, expanded states of consciousness, holistic health, dreamwork, symbolism, archetypes, synchronicity, and much more. I believe (and have experienced) that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm; as above, so below; as within, so without.

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.