New Moon 3.13.21

by Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

Saturday’s New Moon (Moon conjunct Sun) occurred at 2:21 AM Pacific at 23 degrees of Pisces, followed with the conjunction of Venus and Neptune at 8:08 PM Pacific at 20 degrees of Pisces.

Typically, when working with lunar phases, we consider the 3 day period on either side of the lunar event as charged with the particular energy– especially with full and dark/new moons.

So, these energies should remain discernible (writing this on Monday, March 15, 2021).

New moon phases are seeding times, when things and processes are set in motion for the moonth ahead.

Watch for these seeds to come into full bloom with the full moon, which will occur on Sunday, March 28, 2021 at 11:48 AM Pacific.

Pisces is a mutable water sign and associated with both Jupiter (traditional) and Neptune (modern).

Some keynote descriptors of Pisces include:

dreamy, flowy, trusting, permeable, sensitive, innocent, deluded, disillusioned, oceanic, creative, empathetic, spiritual

These same descriptors aptly apply to Neptune, as well.

A Piscean stellium (especially with the current players– Sun, Moon, Venus, and Neptune) is potentially akin to floating in a warm, blissful, completely safe ocean underneath a sky lit with pastel fluffy clouds.

It could be feel-good vibes, easy merging, and creative flow.

It could be lovey-dovey warm-fuzzies.

And here fantastic fishes duskly float,
Using the calm for waters, while their fires
Throb out quick rhythms along the shallow air.

~‚ÄČElizabeth Barrett Browning, A Drama of Exile

A Piscean stellium could also bring forth trust issues.

Our vision could be clouded.

It could be like a thick fog–

if only you could fly above and see the clear skies that stretch into infinity beyond…

With Venus and Neptune dancing together, there could be surrender into relational synergy.

Or someone else’s tide could carry you away.

It could feel ecstatic to let go and let a current carry you, only to find yourself later feeling far from home and disoriented.

The past few days, being with others may have been easier.

Daydreams and nightdreams may have been vivid and powerful.

The question is whether these new seeds will take root.

It’s like the weather in the northern hemisphere that so many of us are contending with this time of the year– one moment the sun is shining, the next rain falls hard.

Maybe we rush to venture outdoors in tank tops and shorts, only to run back in to grab snow boots and a jacket instead.

Things are fleeting.

Is it safe for plants to yet make vulnerable their tender buds?

A cold snap could set new growth back.

I’m also noticing that Saturn square Uranus remains less than 2 degrees in separating.

Things are not yet stable, reliable, and trustworthy.

Plus, Mercury is square Mars.

There is some tension in the air.

Perhaps it is that the dreamy ideal is far from easily attainable.

Perhaps we should just relax into the dreams, enjoy the erratic weather, breathe into our hearts, and just go with the flow.

Magic is happening.

And this particular magic requires faith, trust, and hope.

Amber R. Balk, Ph.D. is a transpersonal educator, writer, researcher, and independent consultant who combines diverse educational and professional backgrounds to provide well-rounded and unique individual and group psychospiritual services. She can be contacted at

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

I am an independent scholar and transpersonal consultant, specializing in embodying and implementing transpersonal and feminist values in real-world, practical situations. I believe academic pursuits are best if made widely accessible and when applied in ways which promote sustainability, contribute to increased awareness, and engender holistic sensitivity to both the outer environment and one's inner workings. I work with INDIVIDUALS in one-on-one sessions so they may empower themselves through deepening spiritual practice, accessing creativity, and attuning to self-understanding. Additionally, I work within GROUP contexts with people who endeavor to co-create social change through community action projects that honor the depth of subjective individuality while anchoring action within a more transpersonal, environmentally-minded context. I enjoy being a Hermit when I can and becoming more deeply familiar with this place we call home, beautiful Mother Earth.

This blog is a place to cover topics such as consciousness, spirituality, psychospiritual process, creativity, Grofian theory, Jungian thought, expanded states of consciousness, holistic health, dreamwork, symbolism, archetypes, synchronicity, and much more. I believe (and have experienced) that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm; as above, so below; as within, so without.

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many blessings~
Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.