Virgo Full Moon: 2.27.21 (Also a Prelude to Forthcoming Contemplations on Saturn square Uranus)

The latest full moon is approaching its height as I write this on the night of 2.26.21– the peak of fullness occurs at 12:17 AM Pacific, which is in about 2 hours.

As usual, the potent energy of the approaching full moon has contributed to several relatively sleepless nights.

I find myself lying awake deep into the night, regardless of attempting every trick in the book (sleepy-time tea, eyeshades + earplugs, progressive relaxation, etc.).

Apparently, I’m not the only one– check out this article recently published on

Anyways, I’m gonna keep this short and sweet tonight because I’ve been more focused on writing a longer piece exploring themes connected to Saturn and Uranus– coming soon, I promise.

This full moon is lighting up the Virgo/Pisces polarity with Sun in Pisces opposite Moon in Virgo.

Virgo is detail-oriented, organized, and likes a sense of control.

Pisces is dreamy, go-with-the-flow, and trusting of the universe.

We could experience tension related to these polarities at this time.

Interestingly, this full moon is also linked to the Saturn Uranus square–

Sun is sextile Uranus and Moon is trine Uranus.

Both are also making minor aspects to Saturn.

So, for me (and also because I’ve been immersed in contemplating Saturn and Uranus for the forthcoming longer piece), this moon is relevant to the same themes.

For now, I’ll put it very briefly within the context of lore associated with Virgo, The Virgin.

According to Bernadette Brady’s (1999) Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars:

Lost in antiquity and mythologically connected to Leo, the ancient goddess in the sky was probably part of the original six zodiac constellations and is considered by some astronomers to be over 15,000 years old in human awareness . . . Whatever image is chosen from across time and cultures, what is contained in Virgo is the archetype of the harvest-bringing goddess, pure and good, independent of the masculine. She gives the four seasons and is the source of the fertile Earth. Her emphasis at the time of harvest linked her to the gifts of the harvest and the cycles of the Earth…

Virgo in the sky was often imagined as a winged goddess, and several associated myths involve her departure from Earth– to take her place amongst the divine immortals– due to deep disappointment with humanity (Brady, 1999).

Thus, Virgo carries a poignant line of inquiries:

What are we harvesting?

What consequences do we face due to our actions and inactions?

Do we honor the Earth?

Do we honor the Earth/Moon/Cosmic cycles within ourselves?

Do our technologies serve us and the planet?

(Agriculture was once the most mind-blowing of technologies and still is if you think about it…)

Are we keeping a respectful balance between wild, untouched nature and human-controlled nature manipulation?

Human nature is, indeed, arguably a particular type of nature nested within the larger cosmic fabric of nature, but it is a variation that can sometimes disregard the wellbeing of other lifeforms & wider intricate systems.

What are the karmic ramifications for taking part in human nature?

Considering this particular type of karma, would it be wise to do things differently?

There is so much more to consider, but for now I’m sending full moon blessings and wishes that these questions will yield fruitful bounty for the time being.

Amber R Balk, Ph.D.

Amber R. Balk, Ph.D. is a transpersonal educator, writer, researcher, and independent consultant who combines diverse educational and professional backgrounds to provide well-rounded and unique individual and group psychospiritual services. She can be contacted at

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

I am an independent scholar and transpersonal consultant, specializing in embodying and implementing transpersonal and feminist values in real-world, practical situations. I believe academic pursuits are best if made widely accessible and when applied in ways which promote sustainability, contribute to increased awareness, and engender holistic sensitivity to both the outer environment and one's inner workings. I work with INDIVIDUALS in one-on-one sessions so they may empower themselves through deepening spiritual practice, accessing creativity, and attuning to self-understanding. Additionally, I work within GROUP contexts with people who endeavor to co-create social change through community action projects that honor the depth of subjective individuality while anchoring action within a more transpersonal, environmentally-minded context. I enjoy being a Hermit when I can and becoming more deeply familiar with this place we call home, beautiful Mother Earth.

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many blessings~
Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.