12.29.20 Full Moon Feels

Rounding out 2020 with a Moon/Sun opposition (a full moon) lighting up the Cancer/Capricorn polarity. Energies culminate around themes of home, security, nurture, safety, responsibility, solidity, and strength.

The underlying structure is akin to prayer ties flapping in crisp mountain air (we cast high intentions & New Year’s resolutions to the sky) while our feet are otherwise dipping into warm ocean waters (seeking soulful retreat and rejuvenation).

Simultaneously, Venus squares Neptune, which can bring in a poetic, candlelit, rainbow-fuzzies vibe… OR… hearts can flip and reverse. Maybe love isn’t what it seemed? Disillusionment can arise when fairy-tale ideals fall flat and dissipate like fog in sunlight.

Remember the Jupiter/Saturn Great Conjunction is slowly separating but still in play. Did you re-organize the areas of life that were feeling stuck? Perhaps gales of fear or excitement blew through your horizons? Can you handle the required changes life is demanding from you?

As these transits leave our collective atmosphere, reflect on ways you can combine both enthusiasm and discipline. Invoke the joy of the hard-earned wisdom you gained from 2020’s trials and triumphs. Take comfort in connection. Step into soothing waters. Wipe clean your rose-colored glasses and dare to look with clarity. Take comfort in beauty and art.

Change is coming.

What aspects of your best self are you calling in as the Wheel turns, another solar year closes as another commences, and we move forward into what comes next?

Amber R Balk, Ph.D. 2017

Amber R. Balk, Ph.D. is a transpersonal educator, writer, researcher, and independent consultant who combines diverse educational and professional backgrounds to provide well-rounded and unique individual and group psychospiritual services. She can be contacted at dr.amberbalk@gmail.com.

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

I am an independent scholar and transpersonal consultant, specializing in embodying and implementing transpersonal and feminist values in real-world, practical situations. I believe academic pursuits are best if made widely accessible and when applied in ways which promote sustainability, contribute to increased awareness, and engender holistic sensitivity to both the outer environment and one's inner workings. I work with INDIVIDUALS in one-on-one sessions so they may empower themselves through deepening spiritual practice, accessing creativity, and attuning to self-understanding. Additionally, I work within GROUP contexts with people who endeavor to co-create social change through community action projects that honor the depth of subjective individuality while anchoring action within a more transpersonal, environmentally-minded context. I enjoy being a Hermit when I can and becoming more deeply familiar with this place we call home, beautiful Mother Earth.

This blog is a place to cover topics such as consciousness, spirituality, psychospiritual process, creativity, Grofian theory, Jungian thought, expanded states of consciousness, holistic health, dreamwork, symbolism, archetypes, synchronicity, and much more. I believe (and have experienced) that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm; as above, so below; as within, so without.

I may be reached at dr.amberbalk@gmail.com.

many blessings~
Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.