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People come to Transpersonal Sessions for many reasons. Sometimes, it is simply for inner clarity. Some clients see the sessions as sacred time set aside for deep self care. Many clients bring particular concerns or goals to focus on– maybe they want to enhance meditation abilities or delve into creative development. Or maybe they have been haunted by a recurring nightmare and are compelled to schedule a session to explore the meanings of a dream.

Frequently, clients are facing major transformation and change and seek Transpersonal Sessions as an anchor through the transitional time. Perhaps a new facet of personality or identity is surfacing; many clients benefit from the safe, confidential, nonjudgmental, non-clinical nature of Transpersonal Sessions.

Often, people come for Transpersonal Sessions when they want to consciously make more space in their lives for spiritual practice. These are frequently individuals who feel something has been missing in their lives and/or that the standard religious practices of their cultures of origin did not seem to provide the deeper connection they find themselves longing for– exploration in Transpersonal Sessions is often catalyzed by a nagging feeling of needing to find something individualized and unique and yet wanting to connect to something universal.

Sometimes, a person may simply be curious. For instance, maybe someone has never had an astrological or divination reading, and they just want to see what it’s like. Or maybe they wanted to try meditating, but it always seemed intimidating or too abstract. A Transpersonal Session is a private, confidential, relaxed way to explore these modalities with a trained professional.

Another common reason for seeking Transpersonal Sessions occurs when people have recently had powerful psychospiritual experiences and want the space and support to properly integrate the experiences.  Perhaps someone has had profound breakthrough experiences during holotropic breathwork sessions, religious or spiritual practices, spontaneously, or though psychedelic sessions. Often, it takes awhile to unpack such massive transformational events, and Transpersonal Sessions can offer a container for exploration and integration.

Life throws us plenty of opportunities to more deeply open and unfold into Self. Archetypal experiences with birth, death, or sudden change can sometimes feel overwhelming, and simply having a compassionate and open-minded person to share these experiences with can bring unexpected insights that enrich and nourish one’s life.

There are countless ways to benefit from a Transpersonal Session. Contact me to schedule your session, and embark on an journey of soulful self discovery.

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.

I am an independent scholar and transpersonal consultant, specializing in embodying and implementing transpersonal and feminist values in real-world, practical situations. I believe academic pursuits are best if made widely accessible and when applied in ways which promote sustainability, contribute to increased awareness, and engender holistic sensitivity to both the outer environment and one's inner workings. I work with INDIVIDUALS in one-on-one sessions so they may empower themselves through deepening spiritual practice, accessing creativity, and attuning to self-understanding. Additionally, I work within GROUP contexts with people who endeavor to co-create social change through community action projects that honor the depth of subjective individuality while anchoring action within a more transpersonal, environmentally-minded context. I enjoy being a Hermit when I can and becoming more deeply familiar with this place we call home, beautiful Mother Earth.

This blog is a place to cover topics such as consciousness, spirituality, psychospiritual process, creativity, Grofian theory, Jungian thought, expanded states of consciousness, holistic health, dreamwork, symbolism, archetypes, synchronicity, and much more. I believe (and have experienced) that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm; as above, so below; as within, so without.

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Amber R. Balk, Ph.D.